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    Daily Tours


    Dreamtime Stories and Cultural Tour

    Evenings, by arrangement

    ‘The Adnyamathanha Dreamtime Stories are much more than stories, they express who and what we are. The Stories are our ‘Muda’, our history. They explain how our land came to be; the rocks, the waterholes, the stars in the sky, they all have their special meanings. Our Stories establish our laws, teach our children, map our land, our travels, our food and water’.

    Relax by the *campfire as your guide shares the mysteries of the Adnyamathanha Culture and Dreaming. Discover the complex and intriguing social structures of the Adnyamathanha people, their customs and traditional practices and how intricately connected these are to the Dreamtime Stories, the stories that explain the creation of the land and establish Adnyamathanha law.

    *Campfires not available on days of Total Fire Ban


    Tracks, Scats and Bush Tucker Tour

    Daily, by arrangement

    On this easy going and engaging walk your guide will identify bush tucker, bush medicine and animals of significance to the Adnyamathanha people, their uses and preparation methods and how they are gathered. Learn ancient survival techniques traditionally used by the Adnyamathanha bushmen and women. Begin to comprehend the incredible relationship and ties the Adnyamathanha people have with country and how through the observation of the land, the animals and the skies they have lived in harmony for thousands of years.


    Half Day Tour – Tracks, Scats and Bush Tucker Tour, plus Dreamtime Stories and Cultural Session

    Afternoon/Evening, by arrangement

    The marriage of both the above tours provides a comprehensive and deeply insightful tour experience. Forget time for a while, feel the country, be transported by the stories and journey into the heart of the Adnyamathanha culture.

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