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    School Groups and Educational Tours

    Talk to us about how we can organise your choice of the following tours for your group. Tours can be organised for one day, two day or three day experiences.


    Tracks, Scats and Bush Tucker Tour

    Discover the secrets of how the Adnyamathanha bush men and women survived on the land on the this walking tour. Learn about the bush tucker, bush medicine, plants and animals of significance to the Adnyamathanha people, how food and water was gathered, animals tracked and hunted.


    Dreamtime Stories and Cultural Session

    Relax beside a campfire* and listen as your guide shares the Dreamtime Stories of the Adnyamathanha people. These Stories describe how the animals, the waterholes, the rocks and the stars in the sky are all connected. The Stories establish the laws of the Adnyamathanha people, of how we should live together, respect the land, the animals and each other. *Campfires not available on days of high fire danger.


    Boomerang session

    Your Adnyamathanha guide will demonstrate the technique of throwing boomerangs; the ‘comeback’ boomerang and the ‘deadly’ boomerang. Boomerangs were traditionally used for hunting game, especially kangaroos, but were also used in games for skill building. Learn how they were made, paint your own using traditional designs and have a go at throwing one.


    Adnyamathanha Language session

    Enjoy a light hearted Adnyamathanha language session with our Adnyamathnaha Language specialist. Learn some of the Adnyamathanha ‘Ngawarla’ (language), ‘Yura mitchi’ (aboriginal names), share some songs and play some word games. This enjoyable session is hosted around the campfire*and is a nice way to wind down after the day.


    Bush Tucker Dinner

    Enjoy a specially prepared meal and sample a range of local bush tucker foods including kangaroo, quandong, wild lime, native spinach and native mint. (Depending on availability).

    Finish up with an Adnyamathanha favourite – damper, jams and billy tea.


    Group Tours further north and into Wilpena Pound


    Yourambulla caves Guided walk, interpretation of the Yourambulla Dreaming Story and viewing of Adnyamathanha paintings

    Yourambulla caves are located at the site of a significant Adnyamathanha Dreaming story. The story is of two young companions, each from a different ‘moiety’ (kinship). The story establishes the laws for maintaining peace and reflects the Adnyamathanha society’s views on crime and punishment. A number of paintings occur in this area, housed in rock shelters or caves accessible by marked walking trails.


    Ikara – The Meeting Place, Wilpena Homestead, Wilpena

    Ikara is an award winning public art space that shares the important story of the Adnyamathanha people and their contribution to the development of the pastoral industry in the Flinders Ranges. It is situated near the old Wilpena homestead and is the ideal place to begin your Wilpena cultural experience with the art work reflecting on the significant Adnyamathanha landmarks in the area.

    Sacred Canyon Walk

    Ancient Adnyamathanha Rock Art engravings (pictographs) are etched into the rocks along an ancient creek line using traditional Adnyamathanha methods of etching the rocks with stone tools. Your Adnyamathanha guide will talk about what many of these etchings mean and the stories behind them.

    Wangara Look-Out – Easy hike into Wilpena Pound

    This hike follows a winding trail through majestic River Red Gums following Wilpena Creek up into the Pound for spectacular panoramic views of Wilpena Pound. Your Adnyamathanha guide will explain along the way the Creation Story of Wilpena Pound and its formation, including St Mary Peak and its relevance to the Adnyamathanha Dreamtime – a very significant landmark to the Adnyamathanha people.

    Wilpena Creek


    Arkaroo Rock Hike

    Arkaroo Rock is one of the most spectacular examples of Adnyamathanha rock paintings within the Flinders Ranges. Featuring ochre and charcoal images this site depicts the Dreamtime story that explains the creation of Wilpena Pound. Your Adnyamathanha guide will interpret and share this story with you.

    arkaroo rock wilpena