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    Four Winds Cultural Guiding

    Four Winds Cultural Guiding warmly welcomes people to experience the mysterious depths of the Adnyamathanha Aboriginal culture by offering a range of Aboriginal experiences designed to provide participants with a deeper and informed understanding of this remarkable culture.

    Established in 2009, Four Winds Cultural Guiding strives to deliver authentic and engaging experiences through indigenous interpretation and consultation and by immersing guests in the wonders of the Adnyamathanha traditions. It is the aim of the Four Winds family that people depart from these experiences feeling that they have actively engaged with the Adnyamathanha people and developed friendships.

    Stefan Wilton is the proprietor of Four Winds Cultural Guiding and his wife Jane assists with the day to day management and the marketing of the business. The business was established after it was recognised that there is a profound interest in the Australian indigenous culture and a deep desire with-in the global community to understand and connect with ancients cultures.

    Stefan Wilton is the archetypal Adnyamathanha Aboriginal man. He has spent his entire life in the Flinders Ranges, immersed in his culture. He grew up in Nepabunna Aboriginal Community, surrounded by family, actively practicing and passing on their cultural knowledge. Stefan spent much of his childhood in the bush, learning from his uncles and especially his maternal grandmother, camping, trapping and tracking, cooking, collecting food and learning the stories of his land and the secrets of survival. It was a time when the Elders felt it was imperative that this knowledge be passed down as it was at great risk of being diluted and lost as more modern ways were being embraced.

    His father was a drover and horse wrangler for many of the large Station properties that surrounded the Nepabunna homelands and had an exceptional reputation for his horse handling skills. Stefan too developed a love of horses and station work from a very early age and on leaving school he promptly followed in his father’s footsteps and went to work on the land. In his early 20’s he returned to his home community of Nepabunna to spend a further 18 years in charge of Essential Services.

    In 1998 he accepted a position as a Station Manager on a neighbouring Station that contained, within its boundaries, some of the most significant Adnyamathanha Aboriginal sites. It was during this time that Stefan found himself regularly called upon to interpret his culture and country and he began to experience and to consider the potential for sharing his cultural knowledge with others. Visitors and friends were so enthralled with the simplest of experiences and exposure to his culture and even the annual shearing and mustering events (Adnyamathanha style) were a journey that visitors could not quell their excitement over.

    After 7 years on this beloved country, Stefan made the heart wrenching decision to move off the station to be closer to educational facilities for his children. It wasn’t long before he felt the ache of country calling again and thus Four Winds Cultural Guiding was born.